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(a.k.a. psychosexual therapy)

I work with clients experiencing these and other issues:

  • difficulties with erections (ED, erectile dysfunction) 

  • vaginismus (and GPPPD)

  • compulsive sexual behaviours (or, sex addiction)

  • premature ejaculation

  • delayed or retarded ejaculation

  • difficulties having orgasms (anorgasmia)

  • anxiety related to sex

  • sexual abuse

  • pain affecting sex (eg dyspareunia, vulvodynia)

  • cybersex and pornography issues (or, porn addiction)

  • lack of enjoyment

  • body image and low self-esteem

  • life transitions

  • aversion, and/or phobias

  • sex and disability

  • sexual health and illness and traumas affecting sex

  • chemsex

  • sexual identification

  • low desire or low interest in sex

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