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For me, empathy is at the centre of effective therapeutic work, and so I offer a supportive, warm, and respectful environment to all.


Sexual and relationship difficulties can be deeply uncomfortable, and even traumatic. But such challenges can be met and explored – and the therapy room can be a place to heal, grow, and flourish – whatever the difficulties we face – whoever we are. Sex therapy and couples therapy can help us to not only understand our difficulties, but also empower us to choose better ways of being in the world. For this to happen, it is essential to find the right client-therapist relationship for you.


The challenges of psychosexual and/or relationship therapy are experienced slightly differently by each individual client, and so my approach has evolved to meet each client or relationship uniquely. Thus my way of working blends therapeutic principles from psychodynamic, gestalt, existential, and transpersonal modalities, into a whole-person approach, in partnership with the techniques of sex and relationship therapy.

My practice

I am an integrative psychosexual and relationship therapist working with adult individual and relationship clients across the spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity. I am a RegCOSRT practitioner, with initial and advanced professional training qualifications at Level VII:

London Diploma in

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy

(with Distinction)

NAOS Advanced Diploma in Relationship Therapy

(with Distinction)



  • London, W5

  • London, W1T

  • I currently have availability for new clients.

  • I also work online.

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